This phone belongs to the South Ridge Medical Transport company, based in 54667-8291 Westby, E5163 Nessette Rd

Who called from this phone number: 6084523767 ?

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anonym - about: 9197417060

Pre-recorded overly cheerful woman claiming to know about my credit card information

anonym - about: 305%209127865

I received a email from this number and I'd like to know who it's from

anonym - about: 3867170182

received a texting say i here your tying the knot but wouldn't text back who they are, after reading these other comments it seems very odd

anonym - about: 4802267762

called and was disrespectful

anonym - about: 01134931320

I am not sure why you keep requiring my information I just want to know why this number keeps ringing

anonym - about: 02036342485

Call Centre number Had a call from a female asking questions about any accidents or damage to my car in the last few years. Don't know how she knew my full name, but when I asked her for more info on what exactly it is about, she ended the call ! Beware. Don't give out any information if it doesn't seem right !

anonym - about: 07713%20124709

Just had the same as the person below.

anonym - about: 9055958630

VERY pushy person soliciting for 'donations for veterans' - talked over me, wouldn't answer reasonable questions regarding the 'charity', trying to flatter me into falling for this. Seems more like a scam than a legit charity.

anonym - about: 365%207773047

Texted about a CIBC debit card when I don't have one

anonym - about: 01202026073

Called today, could hear people talking in background but no-one actually spoke to me!

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