This phone belongs to the Knutson Memorial Library company, based in 54623-0099 Coon Valley, 500 Central Ave

Who called from this phone number: 6084523757 ?

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anonym - about: 01473219472

Scam callers faking themselves as your Internet Service Provider. Do not follow any instructions with regards to your PC or tablet.

anonym - about: 0133544213

Female with Asian accent said she was from talk talk and a virus had gone onto my computer and I needed to log on so they could remove it. I said I don't think so nice try and she hung up

anonym - about: 01253%20650005

Individual claiming to be from Windows. Started getting rude and aggressive when questioned about reason for call.

anonym - about: 3312128124

None English speaking asses!! Can't understand them so they keep calling back even after u tell them not to

anonym - about: 6143448536

Keeps calling and when I call back won't give any info on the company

anonym - about: 3248548944

Unknown, random person gave me this and said they'd be over in 30 minutes

anonym - about: 2695069025

Random call, didn't recognize, just wanted to see if it were spam or not.

anonym - about: 2026846606

This number that called me stating they were calling from a police department stating I owed the IRS 2500$ . saying if I don't pay it today that I would be dealing with federal court .

anonym - about: 7866025377

Larry Steven Spak Child molester from Marianna fl

anonym - about: 6132391422

They told me this is Indian ambessy no. & you have legal complaint

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