This phone belongs to the Accurate Moving & Truck Rental company, based in 39211 Jackson,

Who called from this phone number: 6018428369 ?

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anonym - about: 9405321040

Claims to be from a firefighter support fund. Odd thing is I am in San Antonio, TX, and this area code is nowhere near me. Getting sick and tired of the DoNotCall list being completely toothless. At least with those indian/pakistani Tech Support scams you can have fun with them if you are computer literate, and get them to yell curse words and other profanity, which is fun. What I despise are state-side fundraisers who ignore the DNC list.

anonym - about: 97125518065

Strange number . Calling at odd times .suspect that caller is spying on something

anonym - about: 9078887683

Bill sam

anonym - about: 0061283107633

harassing calls from this number. will not let up and calls at all times of day and night

anonym - about: 1646544-9292


anonym - about: 2709366052

Wouldn't answer when asked what the call was pertaining to just kept asking to speak to a certain person.

anonym - about: 08455514150

Had a call from this number today, couldnt understand a word the guy said to me about what he was calling about.. when asked he replied oh can i have your number please i said No! He said aw why not and hung up on me! Do not anwser the call!!

anonym - about: 8662086893

Caller gave no company/business name, but used same (obviously fake) name as the last time they called - 'Jenna Anderson' - except this was a different person. When she gave the name of the person they were calling (my husband), the name was 'auto -inserted' into the call. When I looked up the number on-line, "No geographic location" for the call. They claim if you don't call back, some sort of 'legal action' will be taken against you ( for what ? we owe nothing/no one). Yea..right ! nice try, scammers !

anonym - about: 9725710285


anonym - about: 0858476870

Got a call from this this numbers, called it back and they never answered.

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