Who called from this phone number: 5857475744 ?

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anonym - about: 9979000491

She said I am calling from Vodafone and after picking call talking shit.

anonym - about: 6363349437

Phone rang 6 times, I picked it up and it took another 5 seconds for a poorly speaking guy named Dante, who was calling on behalf of some fake Firefighters' Benevolent Association. As the father of a firefighter, I started asking questions he could not answer, jumped his ass, and also let him know that the number he was calling from is current assigned to a political candidate's headquarters in Ellisville, MO. The jack-wad hung up at that point. These bastards need to be retroactively aborted if ever caught...

anonym - about: 6136594693

Montreal based company repetitively calls . I think linked to these other numbers as refuse to answer them: 1-450-9140103/-9140146/2340093 and 9140740. First was stocks related then repetitively called from same area code everyday or every other day. First answered call person seemed to be soliciting sex or hinting but not coming out clearly intentions and asking if you have a MasterCard or Visa because he (Mike) did ie "six others with the same last name"!

anonym - about: 02830833142

This number called and hung up straight away. When i called back no-one spoke

anonym - about: 6514018651

i received a text message from this number. seems like a scam, not sure how my number was given to this man named "mark" promoting his money making business.

anonym - about: 2604490522

Called me twice left a blank voicemail, texted them wouldn't tell me who they were

anonym - about: 4161187751

Just typical scammers praying on people's goodwill and STEALING their money without delivering what they say.

anonym - about: 076186835

keep getting this number come up on my mobile ans as I have not given my number to anyone just wondered who it was

anonym - about: 02030952802

Recording message saying i have a lawsuit against me from hmrc and that i needed to press 1 to speak to a case officer. Scam

anonym - about: 029820383

got a job interview.......bt dnt know the time & place.........need to know asap

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