This phone belongs to the Fedyk Builders Inc company, based in 14526-9792 Penfield, 36 Seton Ct

Who called from this phone number: 5852640019 ?

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anonym - about: 6504526591

Caller ID. Caller didn't leave message. It was a survey call and you can get off their list by pressing 9.

anonym - about: 0018583409831

asked if I was Mrs xxxxxxxx when I said yes hehung uo no appology no indication as to what he wanted

anonym - about: 0763468505

keep calling and sending very dangerous frighting messages for almost a week now and dont now this number.if i call they dont pick up and sent im driving.

anonym - about: 02079462026

standard car accident bs... 3rd time theyve rang with different last 4 digits, sounds like same person every time. they say they take you off their mailing list. challenge it please.

anonym - about: 18004174592


anonym - about: 8562103109

Saying they have documents filed against me, i am reporting them to the FTC

anonym - about: 4029362828

Calls me I try to call back and I get number or code can not be completed as filed

anonym - about: 4073570241

They are disturbing me and stalking me and i need to know who it is.

anonym - about: 02030954645

voice says HMRC is preparing a case against me

anonym - about: 4153887337


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