Who called from this phone number: 5806188261 ?

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anonym - about: 3026037094


anonym - about: 0238551115

I'm from new zealand , They haved phoned me everyday such a bloody nuisence

anonym - about: 07587585398


anonym - about: 7860375812

This number call morev than 6 times a day

anonym - about: +251946400242

I flung this sticky note with a number on it in my room so I want to know who's number it is

anonym - about: 8773505907

Recorded message about tracing my whereabouts, through me or my "references". No ID, other than the number.

anonym - about: 8303870641

Don't know who it is just said they're my mom

anonym - about: 0784895959

This person sends me sms' saying he's an employment agent in Gandhi Square office No. 805 Rennaissance Building, Johannesburg, 1541. He says I must bring my CV, ID copy and R600 admission fee to get a job.

anonym - about: 8508142760


anonym - about: 7023560678

They called once, but have a 702 area code. Isn't that like, an L.A number?

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