Who called from this phone number: 5804142772740 ?

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anonym - about: 6825007079

Scammed me out of money!

anonym - about: 02871114444

Cold called at 08.55 trying to scam me. Only answered because had a stroke and waiting for Hospital to call back. They hung up when wouldnt answer personal questions.

anonym - about: 0160777300

They start off by saying they are a company called 'Resolution' and want to ask you lots of personal questions. If you decline and YOU SHOULD they then say that they will keep calling you until you answer their questions. Basically they are Scammers and into ID fraud. The telephone number they use is a spoofed number and although it may be a local number it isn't really that number. Further it is only 10 digits long. Just tell them to F Off, then buy a device to block unwanted calls, one that will only answer the phone if it is a telephone number that you recognise.

anonym - about: 3150008006

Government want to give $200 with help with you with your bills.

anonym - about: 18447470851

Recorded message stating they were the IRS. When I called number back no one answered.

anonym - about: 01010000587

Ringing my number but asking for my husband when I ask who's calling they hang up

anonym - about: 07537183776

Posing as inland revenue and threatening action for.tax bill owed.

anonym - about: 5164697546

Called my sister and want to make sure she is safe, calls between 4 and 5 am every night

anonym - about: 02031214095

Recording said they were talk talk and line went dead

anonym - about: %E2%80%AA07466%C2%A0527822%E2%80%AC

Random number texting me in a different language, constantly messaging me and I don't feel very comfortable with it!

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