Who called from this phone number: 5703140550 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

They sent me a text with my old address and a link to something labeled TAX MATCH

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anonym - about: 8772841963

who called

anonym - about: 8484041826

Weird messages that seem odly relevant, but I don't know who they're from...

anonym - about: 84284%2050912

Rung several times; usually no reply if you remain silent on picking up the 'phone i.e. Voice activated.

anonym - about: 13062610384

Ask me to log into their site to get my bank info through text.

anonym - about: 5139852903

spam scam insurance sales

anonym - about: 01340075652

Annoying person, insisted our computer has problems.

anonym - about: 8017974844

I am just trying to know whoes Number is this

anonym - about: 7042354177

I picked up the phone and he said "Are you working?" then I said who is this? He said "Ron." I said who? He said "Ron." I don't know who Ron is. He hanged up the phone

anonym - about: 9832311020


anonym - about: +355664654654

Phoned in early hours of the morning, I did not answer as it is not a recognised number. Also my number is not in any phone directory.

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