Who called from this phone number: 568931939 ?

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anonym - about: 9313196116

They called me and I'm who they are.

anonym - about: 00447514353440

got information that the person is staying at manchester uk .nationality of france.

anonym - about: 01642205022

Keep calling say call is important to them when you call back but then always clicks off

anonym - about: 01172395973

A strange woman called and asked for me by name saying she was from the "Back Jeremy Corbyn Campaign" then proceeded to ask if I had voted for him!

anonym - about: 12172399400


anonym - about: 17168641598

B O'Brien

anonym - about: 3854681558

Don't know or wtf would I be here for!!!!! Duuuuuuuuddddddddddddeeeeeeee

anonym - about: 01772284262

This belong to Primary Teaching Services - They called me about my order.

anonym - about: 01613547789

Missed call

anonym - about: 6159916198

Thi number and 6159916169 are calling 7+ times per day. No message. If I answer there is only silence.

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