This phone belongs to the 1 Hour 7 Day Emrgncy Locksmith company, based in 33445-6328 Delray Beach, 1672 S Congress Ave

Who called from this phone number: 5619532418 ?

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anonym - about: 9076718319

Just curious why they have called but left no message.

anonym - about: 8144360505%20

hi there xxxxx, long time Roselyn from Brentwood ...8 one four four three 6 zero five 0 five .. Can you Txt me from

anonym - about: 03458396301

Spam number

anonym - about: 07746413201

Caller hung up when phone was answered

anonym - about: 02088102806

Falsely claimed to be Talk Talk technical department.

anonym - about: 6196394517

Very nasty woman who screamed at me on the phone

anonym - about: 07778686905

Entered number into facebook, comes up as Tara Lloyd a Vodafone worker??

anonym - about: 9816871513

I got a call.

anonym - about: 553039314

Someone called screaming "help me" I do not recognize this number nor know who called!

anonym - about: 5703140550

They sent me a text with my old address and a link to something labeled TAX MATCH

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