This phone belongs to the Marvin W Simmons MD company, based in 93726-6915 Fresno, 3248 E Shields Ave # F

Who called from this phone number: 5592269220 ?

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anonym - about: 971567337465

This number has called can anyone tell me something related this number?

anonym - about: 0027154367341

Belt zonder gegevens te willen geven en blijft vragen naar de naam van de zaakvoerder

anonym - about: 5407079282

Recording claims to want to loan me money with no payback schedule. Yeah, right. I mark it as dangerous because who does that? Possibly they want my bank account # so they can empty my account. No business name is given, which also is suspicious.

anonym - about: 8144360505%20

hi there xxxxx, long time Roselyn from Brentwood ...8 one four four three 6 zero five 0 five .. Can you Txt me from

anonym - about: 4074214093

Called as 'Member Services', said that I qualified for lower interest on my CC due to Fair Credit Act. Wanted my card information, when I told him I needed to have more information as to who the company was, he refused, got belligerent,

anonym - about: 6087791696

Received a voicemail from this number. Caller only left her name "Liz" and the return number to call her back. No company name given. Will not be calling back.

anonym - about: 01484598595

Random caller

anonym - about: 5302046222

Keep calling and all I hear are weird voices and music. Pretty sure it's a scammed or there is some weird shit going on.

anonym - about: 9717040699

They called constantly over a period of days, when answered either no answer or finally said they were a market research firm.

anonym - about: 0010004413231

This number has tried to call me repeatedly over last few days , but as it's an international number I gave ignored it , does anyone know who they are ?

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