Who called from this phone number: 535802499 ?

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anonym - about: 06348599547

this is some one saying they are from SKY tv services and they are refunding me £220 because of a unique problem with my account. foreign accent DEFINITELY not Sky They want your bank details confirmed so they can make a refund.

anonym - about: 07803420890

Keeps ringing my friend threatning to kill her daughter knows where she lives even I don't

anonym - about: 07741471308

Random call and heavy breathing down the phone, plus some random laughing

anonym - about: 2819947518

Called several times in past few days. I don't answer calls I don't know. I have now blocked the number.

anonym - about: 8516859996

8516859996 mobile no. This person is abusing. And creating many problems by calling and abusing

anonym - about: 4033918029

Just want to know who it is cause im buying an item from this person on kijiji just want to be safe

anonym - about: 5707192241

Unknown number harassing texts

anonym - about: 6144405023

Got a nice text reply to a misnumber and would like to know name of person

anonym - about: 08005335055


anonym - about: 9372304678

Marilyn grubb

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