This phone belongs to the Sierra Nevada Childrens Svc company, based in 96118 Loyalton, 805 Beckwith

Who called from this phone number: 5309931288 ?

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anonym - about: 3136034228

Annyoying. Keeps calling won't stop calling every time very annoying and disturbing

anonym - about: 01342712599

01342712599 Called at 0828 hrs this morning.. didn't give em chance to say much told em to f-off and cleared... cheeky sod rang back!

anonym - about: 9832311020


anonym - about: 07810%20737832

Not knowing who it is and they're call

anonym - about: 8043325031

Calls me everyday. Leaves no message. I never answer.

anonym - about: 416%20789%200080

3 rings and hang up each time...7 times 14th to 31st Oct., 4 times Nov. 1st t0 4th and hang ups. no messages left...

anonym - about: 4693209257

Spam from a home security company "giving away" free stuff. I didn't hang around for details.

anonym - about: 7864522692

Girl sending me provocative photos saying shes some girl named cindy

anonym - about: 8051440207

This person call and asking for Debit Card details. Be Aware of this.

anonym - about: 7082750532

Recording was something about my credit card and reducing interest rate. Did not specify a name. Said eligibility was up today and press 1 to continue. I hung up. All my credit cards are handled by mail or online and they would not have called me unless there was suspected fraud. They probably would have asked for personal information.

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