Who called from this phone number: 52597709 ?

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anonym - about: 6786297457

I keep getting a call from this number and when I call it back.. by actually returning the call from the number itself (not typing it in, just clicking call back) it says I dialed it incorrectly or they aren't available now. It's always an automated message. They never leave me a message either.

anonym - about: 07920361429

Asian voice asked if this was my name, when I asked who was calling, he hung up.

anonym - about: 5863369818

Weird call. Said i called him but I had just woken up

anonym - about: +302112009700

unknown number from Greece calling me on my Singapore number 3x times

anonym - about: 01752237990

They ring you answer no one speaks and this happens again and again

anonym - about: 0862637773


anonym - about: 4143199146

bonnie gray

anonym - about: 9036509485

im recieveing phone calls from this number and tryimg to find out if im being scamed

anonym - about: 423109273

sal ruvalcaba

anonym - about: +441412802792

how can I stop scammer ringing me on my mobile number, even though it is on the "no Call Register? I recieved a no. at 2.30 AM .. another one at 7.41 pm.. this call +61 44141280279 .... how can I stop them calling me?

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