This phone belongs to the Piercing Pagoda company, based in 85635-4618 Sierra Vista, 2000 S Highway 92

Who called from this phone number: 5204580268 ?

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anonym - about: +393280754051

Got 2 calls in 2 days but don't feel like answering in case it's another stock market broker...

anonym - about: 9022968999

His number was told by my friend.

anonym - about: 2130000000

I'm getting a call from this number, I live in Honduras and this number is from the US and not from a family member or person I know

anonym - about: +441143032765

I received a text from this number with the message: (WatsApp expires for (my mobile number)). Pay 0.99 to renew subscription and verify your information at: There a separate text appeared with text in blue saying: Tap to Load Preview and a link. I have no idea if this has infected my iphone, but apparently it might have. I reset the phone and reloaded from a recent backup but probs best avoided. DON'T click on the link!

anonym - about: 6072990811

Called and said "You'e dying". Called back later to say "Are you still alive?"

anonym - about: 8067317779


anonym - about: 4915145793706

They want that I pay custom 1.732 eur for package wich waiting for me on Turkish airport. I am from Slovenia not from Turkezy

anonym - about: 9405321040

Claims to be from a firefighter support fund. Odd thing is I am in San Antonio, TX, and this area code is nowhere near me. Getting sick and tired of the DoNotCall list being completely toothless. At least with those indian/pakistani Tech Support scams you can have fun with them if you are computer literate, and get them to yell curse words and other profanity, which is fun. What I despise are state-side fundraisers who ignore the DNC list.

anonym - about: 0012011345094

Called today but we were out but as we have a BT call blocker phone No message was left, This Phone (BT8500) from BT was a good investment, unknown numbers cannot get through

anonym - about: 5032298761

Wanted me to verify a delivery address. I'm not expecting a delivery and had previously read about their phishing.. I hung up.

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