Who called from this phone number: 517160978 ?

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anonym - about: 01284%20711654

Claiming to be Telephone preference service

anonym - about: 7249713567


anonym - about: 9084284405

Keeps calling 10 to 15 times a day. Once you pick up they are quiet for a few minutes and hang up. Call the number back and line rings first and then it is busy.

anonym - about: 8774746638

Calls me daily about an outstanding bill, but I have never used their service. When I answer the phone in attempts to speak with someone it is just an automated message telling me to cal them. When I call I wait on hold for 40 minutes and when I finally reach someone and tell them the situation they just hang up on me.

anonym - about: 6613387543

They kept texting me to send pictures and all. Once I told them no they kept asking.

anonym - about: 0034690350410

whos is this number please. i am trying to find a friend this is the only contact number i have.

anonym - about: 012166621111

Calls regularly saying that he is not selling anything and will only take a few minutes of my time. When i refuse to confirm my address, hurls abuse and hangs up.

anonym - about: 6153027988

Called, left no messsge. I don't answer/return ANY number I don't recognize. Scamming scumbag.

anonym - about: 0238551115

Same, I'm from NZ and they've called the last three nights, between 6 an 10 pm. If I don't recognise the number I don't answer. I figure if they legitimately want to contact me they'll leave a message, but they hang up before it flicks to answerphone.

anonym - about: 03057791275

This num is continually calling me and distrubing me!

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