This phone belongs to the Austin Information Systems Inc company, based in 78746-6505 Austin, Austin

Who called from this phone number: 5123296645 ?

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anonym - about: 0204856329

Dont answer this caller.

anonym - about: 0107300050

im checking if its an invite for interview Tshepo

anonym - about: +442038081650

this number keeps ringing me im in new zealand and its calling from london

anonym - about: 13125299717

Wanted to know personal health questions requested to remove my phone # and name. She said the computer chose my number.

anonym - about: 8883200561

Missed Call. Voice mail not left. Called back and they asked if I was returning call. Probably collections.

anonym - about: 4178944614

Caller had dialect from India. Stated they are calling from Visa and Mastercard to lower my interest rates. I specifically asked them what company they were from and got "We are billing department from Visa and Mastercard" over and over again. They said they are not changing my credit card company, but will just lower my rates. Total scam.

anonym - about: 2818945977

kept calling & calling.. called about 7 times til i just blocked the number!! i made my friend call and it said this number wasn't in service anymore..

anonym - about: 07778686905

Seems like a nuisance call. Missed call, not recognised on call back.

anonym - about: 008002061132

No message left

anonym - about: 4092917205

Tried to sell me car insurance. Didn't ask my name or anything

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