This phone belongs to the Houshang's Gallery Canyon Rd company, based in 87501-2723 Santa Fe, 713 Canyon Rd

Who called from this phone number: 5059824442 ?

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anonym - about: 01895945815

I missed the call so I have very little information on this. I assume they hung up after calling me

anonym - about: 9513576065

Asked me about applying for disability benefits. I said I have them. Afraid they'll try to get my identify

anonym - about: 6136566354

Threatening me if I didn't call back the number. I would be charged.

anonym - about: 9209404193

This number texted me and the voicemail said it was a person named Katie, and I don't know a this is strange

anonym - about: 01417832190

Received very abusive call using foul language from this number

anonym - about: 0341457407

Like to know who is the caller before returning call

anonym - about: 07553%20983515

Indian lady claimed to call from c a b asking loads of Q when I asked what branch she calling from and a land-line she hung up

anonym - about: 0911398005

Charges a ridiculous amount per minute call IS A PREMIUM NUMBER

anonym - about: 0037039176288

Woman with foreign accent saying she was calling from my computer technical dept. I told her to p- - s off and put the phone down.

anonym - about: +260953543166

I've been called at least 6 times from this number and when I answered it once all I hear is a conversation in Malayalam in a very soft voice. The two talkers sounds like a mother and a teenage daughter. They never answered my query of who they were. I lost Rs.40.

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