Who called from this phone number: 48606652641 ?

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anonym - about: 3363384625

This number kept calling me and I never answered because I don't know who it is but I'm getting tired of this number calling me so I'm just trying to find out who it is

anonym - about: 07531263846

abusive texts from this number threatening me and my family

anonym - about: 7755834258

Some survey company. When I called back (a few minutes later), the survey had magically been "ended". Scammer most likely.

anonym - about: 58%204163132217

It a number of a guy who wanted to practice English with me , at least that's what he said

anonym - about: 08000903845

they say my pc is infected and they are from microsoft technical and for me to phone them to get virus out

anonym - about: 01536677416

Wanting money for work that has not been requested or done from elderly parents

anonym - about: 6693272047

Austin, Texas

anonym - about: 7023560678

They called once, but have a 702 area code. Isn't that like, an L.A number?

anonym - about: 08435047405

This is the number for GAME retail stores. I called them to check stock and possibly reserve an item. I was on hold for 15 minutes and then talked for maybe 2 minutes. The call cost me nearly £10. Daylight robbery. This should not be allowed. How can they charge me for being on hold. Alternatively, if their system is clever enough to charge only when the call gets handled by a human, then the £5/minute works out to £300/hour!! Who earns £300 per hour? And all of this was done without my permission nor any adequetate warning. This cannot be right. Please do not call this number. It is robbery.

anonym - about: 3202072375

Phone call telling me I owe money on a loan i never received and harassing my family members

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