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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

I've been harassed by this 'company' for a few months now. At first I would pick up the phone (don't remember what kind of ad it was), but eventually I stopped answering and just blocked the numbers. I'm not sure how, but they seemed to use numbers from all over the country (California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania just to name a few). It got to a point where I would receive around 10 calls a day from them, and whenever I picked the phone up, it would immediately disconnect. I've also been called during non-business hours, which is even more bothersome. My advice would be to keep ignoring the random calls until they stop.

anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Has called 4 times today and every time I answer they hang up. When I called them back I got a message that the call could not be completed as dialed.

anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Answered and the line had nothing on it, even after saying hello twice.

anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

As with any number I don't recognize, I let it sit after I answer it to see if any human says anything. If not, I let the number hang up by itself.

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anonym - about: (608)2863913 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Repeated call. Does not leave message. When called back, moments later, recording says number is no longer in service.

anonym - about: 4062252528 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Rec'd a call on my cell phone. I missed them and called back. A male with a foreign accent said they were the IRS and needed my name and phone no to look up my account. I could hear a lot of people talking on the phone in the background. I told him I would call him back for a better connection. I never did. Not the IRS. IRS doesn't have my cell no.

anonym - about: 40764016317 2018-06-02 11:27:08

tried to use my credit card at

anonym - about: 4107337725 2018-06-02 11:27:08

A telemarketer for security systems.

anonym - about: 07788615509 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Mobile phone number, silence when I answer. Persistant caller.

anonym - about: 5052789128 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Keeps bothering me

anonym - about: 13062610384 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Ask me to log into their site to get my bank info through text.

anonym - about: 01155847074 2018-06-02 11:27:08

This number is for a company running an insurance scam to do with road accidents.

anonym - about: 5157791593 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Phone number has called me for a week straight now

anonym - about: 8084684020 2018-06-02 11:27:08

Called me but when I called back, got a message that this number is NOT WORKING!


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