Who called from this phone number: 448081691977 ?

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anonym - about: 8168611893

I received a call from a potential customer and they gave me this number and when i called back the guy was cursing at me saying so i sound like a ****ing girl etc.

anonym - about: 67570611892


anonym - about: 2485094367

This number is calling to see if you are dumb enough to be involved in a scam related to car wrap advertisements. They say they will send a check, you pay a person to put the wrap on your car and keep the rest. Of Course the check is bogus and they want you to wire money out to someone else.

anonym - about: 3192295106

Someone who is harassing a friend of mine who has made her attempt to kill her self

anonym - about: 0016466478754

calling me everyday then when i answer it close

anonym - about: 2134777808

This number calls, hangs up. No message to identify themselves

anonym - about: 8032202327

Prophet Mannaseh- calls my cell at east every other day. Twice a day

anonym - about: +19362080377

This number continues to call me after I've explained that they have a wrong number

anonym - about: 5055502888


anonym - about: 07707864699

Indian guy called "John" asked for me by name. Said he was calling about my computer. I said "really?" and he replied "no, but I can make it real" and hung up. Weird!

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