Who called from this phone number: 4199797341 ?

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anonym - about: 00110297145

Called me today foreign sounding lady said she was calling from BT and my internet connection was going down- I strung her along she dididn't seem to realise I was taking the P---

anonym - about: +447857693105

they call you talk in very loveable launguage and then ask you for financial help

anonym - about: 3867170182

received a texting say i here your tying the knot but wouldn't text back who they are, after reading these other comments it seems very odd

anonym - about: 9513576065

Asked me about applying for disability benefits. I said I have them. Afraid they'll try to get my identify

anonym - about: 07441%20909569

Called saying my dog was constantly barking complaining obviously recorded as didn't answer any of my question

anonym - about: 07796617178

Frequently disturbed by calls from this number. Have asked them to stop, they just hang up

anonym - about: 0894005885

Call so many times.Want to find out who is it

anonym - about: 14164062799

4164062799 they asked for two different people said no to both .then they claimed they would call back .not sure who they are as they would not say they were Chinese guy .and very rude on the phone .

anonym - about: 2513631594

Constantly calling my fiance's phone for kong durations of time in late hours of evening.

anonym - about: 02037720313

Called number of times - when picked up - not a word is said. Is there a law to convict this illegal activity of harassing general public. block the number.

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