Who called from this phone number: 4023411222 ?

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anonym - about: 01419496610

Also being used for the Microsoft Windows maintenance scam. Do not follow the instructions. You computer will be hit by malware/ransomware.

anonym - about: 18663196130

told me i won gas voucher and a diamond watch and entered into a sweepstake draw for being current with my credit card payments . wanted my credit card number to pay for shipping . said they were from some kind of publishers clearing house.

anonym - about: 4259472218

In-coming calls from 425-947-2218 are now occurring about every 5 - 10 minutes without interruption. Yesterday I made the mistake of answering, just long enough to learn that the caller represents some type of political endeavor.

anonym - about: 7027181958

Online yard sale buyer/scammer looking to rip you off.

anonym - about: 4097771501

Online yard sale scammer looking to rip you off. Don't try to sell to them....

anonym - about: 5153414490

I don't know who this number is and I want to know because they keep on calling me

anonym - about: 1760%20550%203525

something weird about parcels

anonym - about: 0120449531

Called saying they were from Thames Water and needed to make an appointment to check my water meter

anonym - about: 9892561705

Whos number

anonym - about: 9515452900

dr. who

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