Who called from this phone number: 36212354966 ?

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anonym - about: 7815723047

its so cool

anonym - about: 07554651921

got a message on whats app off this number warning me about someone else requested to be added....be careful people dont trust any number that you don't know, they can do anything these days!!

anonym - about: 01614414288

Bogus solicitors (accident claims) when you sonny want to proceed they say you have to pay cancellation fees or be taken to court

anonym - about: 6304447875

A man with a heavy East Indian accent asked for my husband. I told him he wasn't home and asked what was the nature of his call. Well, from what I could understand, he was some government agent--whose agency did not appear on Caller ID--who wanted to talk about finances. I repeatedly asked, "What government?" He responded by yelling "F* you!" That didn't end well. LOL.

anonym - about: 9314780670

They called and said I had called them but when asked who it was the said dont worry about it

anonym - about: 0197752576

This numberr has called my landline a couple of times. No one theree/ sllent when answered.

anonym - about: 5202144142

I don't answer unless it gives me the name,, not just a number

anonym - about: 2086391427

Some telemarketer for fake trip to florida

anonym - about: 8445334567

Call Center calling for Premium Destinations. Made the mistake of sitting through one of their presentations years ago. It's about an hr presentation about their Travel Club followed up by a half hour of high pressure sales tactics. For sitting through their presentation I was promised a windows tablet which I couldn't use because it was a piece of junk and a $300 gift certificate for Walmart which wasn't a gift certificate. It was some BS coupon deal where if you spent so much a month you would get a credit. Under the terms it would have taken me over a year to use it up and with all the hassle involved made it worthless. Don't do it. Other numbers associated with this are 7342887059 and 8884283391

anonym - about: +447811363723


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