Who called from this phone number: 343781355 ?

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anonym - about: 5708548451

He is txting my 12 year old and I have no clue who he is or why or how he got her number

anonym - about: 01345545544

01345 545544 keeps ringing and asking to deceased family member. Indian-sounding woman "Rachel" --- Asked to remove my number several times. Why can't something be done about these nuisance calles?

anonym - about: 5617021035

i found out a blocked this number but i dont remember ehose this was

anonym - about: 4844351137

Called and left no message. I called back and receive me a recording that the survey is over.

anonym - about: 4143141166

Dude asked for my number at bar near St Paul. Now wont stop texting. Had to block him.

anonym - about: 01301354995

Answered call from this number only to find no-one on the other end. Suspect that it is an automated service ringing many numbers. Most annoying!

anonym - about: 0439687946

they call don't leave a message, & when you call back it says the number is disconnected

anonym - about: 6514018651

i received a text message from this number. seems like a scam, not sure how my number was given to this man named "mark" promoting his money making business.

anonym - about: 6016546496

Very creepy, called me about "credit card rates" and when I asked to be removed from the list, the person kept talking in a different language. I asked 3 or 4 times and every time they would respond in a different language and eventually hung up on me.

anonym - about: 017823368282

They are checking when you are at home so the collection agency can phone you.

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