This phone belongs to the Vinod Sharma MD company, based in 44718-3651 Canton, 4150 Belden Vlg St NW # 600

Who called from this phone number: 3304934553 ?

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anonym - about: +212892016060

Kept ringing at 2:42 am IST today

anonym - about: +15623964012

They just randomly texted me something vulgar and won't say who they are

anonym - about: 6474786938

Fraud / scam for air-conditioning and furnace sales - they pretended there is a government rebate available to help consumers save thousands of dollars via the 'ONTARIO POWER AUTHORITY' which makes it seem official and legitimate, but the OPA hasn't even existed for at least the last two years, when it was merged with something else - AND it had NEVER been responsible for disbursing any kinds of rebates, even back when it did exist! They target senile seniors and unsuspecting homeowners.

anonym - about: 7248268058

The person who uses this phone is harasses and berates several of my trans friends with anti-trans abusive remarks.

anonym - about: 9545316834


anonym - about: 40764016317

tried to use my credit card at

anonym - about: 3046158196

Won't answer phone calls voicemail says happy holidays but texts and says a bunch of bullcrap

anonym - about: 2064873003

claimed to be US treasury. Threatened to arrest me if I didnt return the call.

anonym - about: 02037941409

had several missed calls

anonym - about: 9032749894

This number has called me all time of the night and hangs up903

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