This phone belongs to the Chemical Dependency Ctr company, based in 90033-2414 Los Angeles, 1720 E Cesar E Chavez Ave

Who called from this phone number: 3232655036 ?

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anonym - about: (604)%204820090

Called my cell phone twice today. Number shows to be hyperwallet systems from Canada.

anonym - about: 5108154701

Received call from this number. Was on the line and I called them back. Received an automated message when I called back that the number or code was incorrect and to please check the number. Intentions of caller not known and they do not appear be reachable upon callback. RESULT: I will not be accepting calls from this number going forward.

anonym - about: 09303977254

Jonathan sabado

anonym - about: 2026846606

Called threatening my brother because he didn't pay taxes 6 years ago (he was 15 and didn't even have a job) then proceeded to call me a bunch of names because I wasn't buying his lies

anonym - about: 7249713567


anonym - about: 00110297145

Called me today foreign sounding lady said she was calling from BT and my internet connection was going down- I strung her along she dididn't seem to realise I was taking the P---

anonym - about: 07759924915

Fake Bank Call Asking for Debit card info

anonym - about: 02036776132

02036776132 keep calling about computer, now saying I owe money for a service I haven't had!

anonym - about: 8147925300

Say it's IRS and I have a law suit. Wong provide info I hung up

anonym - about: 6363349437

Phone rang 6 times, I picked it up and it took another 5 seconds for a poorly speaking guy named Dante, who was calling on behalf of some fake Firefighters' Benevolent Association. As the father of a firefighter, I started asking questions he could not answer, jumped his ass, and also let him know that the number he was calling from is current assigned to a political candidate's headquarters in Ellisville, MO. The jack-wad hung up at that point. These bastards need to be retroactively aborted if ever caught...

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