This phone belongs to the National Computer Systems company, based in 13088-2151 Liverpool, 290 Elwood Davis Rd

Who called from this phone number: 3154532924 ?

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anonym - about: 07716971697

Scammer believed to be selling funeral plans - my advice is just tell them to FOAD

anonym - about: 5163214073

This boiler room bag of shit for brains assholes keeps calling despite the fact I am on DO NOT CALL LIST.

anonym - about: 9147796541

Claims to be "Windows Technical Department" calling about my computer. No technical department ever calls unless you call THEM for help. Scammer, clearly.

anonym - about: 01172395973

A strange woman called and asked for me by name saying she was from the "Back Jeremy Corbyn Campaign" then proceeded to ask if I had voted for him!

anonym - about: 6029201369


anonym - about: 0016466478754

calling me everyday then when i answer it close

anonym - about: 9562323114

Some scummy collection agency calling about a cash advance. Threatened felony charges.

anonym - about: 9172834858

concerned citizen

anonym - about: 0427400483

i don't know if it is my step mums new number but they constantly keep calling

anonym - about: 70269000

just want to know what company is this number from

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