Who called from this phone number: 3137689377 ?

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anonym - about: 804%20554%201220

called twice today... finally called back with a number block and it led to a survey

anonym - about: 7069884642

This number called me I don't know who it is

anonym - about: 5032050740

called once a day in the morning the past few mornings, no message haven't tried answering it.

anonym - about: 08712312000

Got no information

anonym - about: 01799500994


anonym - about: 8063199360

don't know whos number this is but the said my real first name

anonym - about: 01903201180

called me abput a lisa brown said she didnt live here didnt know her he said your lisa brown, her mother her daughter asked my name declined sai i lived in ml4 i dont then he hung up really cheeky foreign gent

anonym - about: 08435047405

This is the number for GAME retail stores. I called them to check stock and possibly reserve an item. I was on hold for 15 minutes and then talked for maybe 2 minutes. The call cost me nearly £10. Daylight robbery. This should not be allowed. How can they charge me for being on hold. Alternatively, if their system is clever enough to charge only when the call gets handled by a human, then the £5/minute works out to £300/hour!! Who earns £300 per hour? And all of this was done without my permission nor any adequetate warning. This cannot be right. Please do not call this number. It is robbery.

anonym - about: 4092917205

Called 3 times in two days. No message.

anonym - about: (913)%202228216

Called. Hung up on answer. Loser sites trying to get money to use a crisscross phone database. Eye roll

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