Who called from this phone number: 3029569789 ?

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anonym - about: 07746413201

Caller hung up when phone was answered

anonym - about: 09062063732

Been suddenly popping out from my recent texted contacts while I have no idea who is it

anonym - about: 01618149333

Keeps ringing, then don't speak!!! Ignorant Mancunians!!!!!

anonym - about: 01577830553

Local number

anonym - about: 02030952802

Received automated message purporting to be from HMRC re. lawsuit. When I pressed 1 to speak to 'your case worker' I was then connected to a person of Indian or Pakistani origin. When I asked why this message had been generated he asked if I was.........(and gave my partner's first and surname). I then asked who wanted to know and , after a cou[le of seconds, the caller disconnected the call.

anonym - about: 02892653320

This number called purporting to be Virgin and offering a reduced ins cover premium for my TV because I was a senior citizen, suggesting to me that I was currently insured with them. Male caller wanted to confirm my bank details for the amended standing order/direct debut (not sure which). I have never had TV insurance so guessed it was a scam but played along for a while go see how the scam worked.

anonym - about: +25299391644

This number is not our country zip code, calling mwat 18:03 (GMT+7), but when I hello , the caller did not say anything at all!

anonym - about: 8750130400

This person is cheating me by withdrawing money from my account

anonym - about: 07738094724

Keep ringing, call centre selling stuff using mobile numbers to trick people into answering..

anonym - about: 01582684618

Claim to be following up on my car accident

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