This phone belongs to the Maria's Bridal company, based in 77037-1253 Houston, Houston

Who called from this phone number: 2814050179 ?

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anonym - about: 0341457407

Like to know who is the caller before returning call

anonym - about: 8506260634

This # has called my cell phone a few times the last 2 days & hasn't left a message.

anonym - about: 07720%20998627

Some batty Indian wanting to buy a wife

anonym - about: 4052853712


anonym - about: 2818833750

he is a hobbyist client in good standing w me so far

anonym - about: 01204%20918855

Called regarding compensation for a car accident that I wasn't in. I Hung up after twice saying they had the wrong number and being ignored

anonym - about: 2139864005

None Foru

anonym - about: 3239603543

Called me, but I didn't answer I don't know anyone in California

anonym - about: 8324586857

spring, tx

anonym - about: 01647501284

No idea who the caller was as they refused to identify themselves. became aggressive when I asked them to idenify themself

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