Who called from this phone number: 256787551842 ?

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anonym - about: 001585671157

This caller has been calling me everyday since 29-09-2016 here in the UK claiming to be from Talk Talk telling me l have problems with their Router.This is impossible as l changed my IP a year ago.Have traced this number to USA.This must be a scam and legal action should be taken against them

anonym - about: 01301354995

Answered call from this number only to find no-one on the other end. Suspect that it is an automated service ringing many numbers. Most annoying!

anonym - about: 0011273586225

Call received at 9.15am. Indian women asked if I was the account holder said she was calling from Talktalk and she needed to check my internet connection. I asked for her name (Jennifer) then when I asked her what my a/c number was and my name she hung up. Reported this to Talktalk they checked and no body from TT had phoned me.... yet another attempted scam call, this number is now barred.

anonym - about: 700046032

Charged 3 times for messages from this number. Don't know who from.

anonym - about: 01875818500

this number keeps calling they don't say anything so I hung up

anonym - about: 0165947475

I don't like to answer unknown numbers especially when the number is not familiar.

anonym - about: 01905791225

This is a company called Willowbrook, who make recliner chairs and associated products.

anonym - about: 1250%202754038

Don't know who the number belongs to no voice message

anonym - about: +372%208173%202672

Whant to know us this company real

anonym - about: 5612252161

Called recorder said there were complaints being filed against me, for more info the recorder gave a 1-800 number. I hung up

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