This phone belongs to the Mexican Seafood Restaurant company, based in 76504-7118 Temple, Temple

Who called from this phone number: 2548991343 ?

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anonym - about: 206%20200%200001

calling to say that I have $ 9,000.00 coming to me and to call this number 206 209 1570 . I did a reverse look up and this # is not a working #

anonym - about: 01727389292

5 Jan 2017: it just kept ringing, and no one talk upon answering.

anonym - about: 8772841963

who called

anonym - about: 6153801590

They are texting me and they know my name and that I have a boyfriend, but will not tell me who they are.

anonym - about: 07919142156

rings at - 1=2 in the early morning

anonym - about: 01639326894

A guy rang and said he wanted to speak to (me), and he also said the name of the Company, but very indistinctly, so I said "who did you say was calling", to which he replied "You Claim for Me". In return I said to him, "what on earth would you be claiming for me?" to which he replied "You have a good evening then" and then ended his call! I've never heard of "You Claim for Me" before, but whoever they are you can bet your bottom dollar that there's going to be more money in it for them than there ever would be for whoever they contact!

anonym - about: 643698285

someone phoned me with this number

anonym - about: 01284129953

Called claiming to offer protection from nuisance calls!

anonym - about: 01792735986

...Caller hung up before answer machine finished message...

anonym - about: 08009247365

calls is from a call centre but never speaks when i answer

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