This phone belongs to the Fancyshape Diamond Corp company, based in 10017-7266 New York, 589 5th Ave # 1133

Who called from this phone number: 2123087320 ?

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anonym - about: 0876518536

Business Call lots of questions. I think I know the person but he is pretending to be someone else to get information. Mr Fitzpatrick

anonym - about: 02079462026

standard car accident bs... 3rd time theyve rang with different last 4 digits, sounds like same person every time. they say they take you off their mailing list. challenge it please.

anonym - about: 8446424289

Missed the call. Called it back from a land line not associated with me. Good thing. It is an IRS scam. IRS will not call you. The person who answered was foreign and barely understandable. I repeat, IRS does not make phone calls...this is a SCAM

anonym - about: 01922632953

Number was in an unsolicited email

anonym - about: 8084684020

Called me but when I called back, got a message that this number is NOT WORKING!

anonym - about: 0191%20729%209780

Called me, when asked to speak a manager called me rude, refused and then hung up.

anonym - about: 3192504524

Won't stop calling!! Day night if I could reach through the phone , I'd "Biotch" also them

anonym - about: 206%20200%200001

calling to say that I have $ 9,000.00 coming to me and to call this number 206 209 1570 . I did a reverse look up and this # is not a working #

anonym - about: 6504526591

Caller ID. Caller didn't leave message. It was a survey call and you can get off their list by pressing 9.

anonym - about: +919892396889


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