This phone belongs to the Natural Source Intl LTD company, based in 10022-4854 New York, 226 E 54th St

Who called from this phone number: 2123087066 ?

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anonym - about: 34770111

Can't hear anything after picking up the phone...don't know who is this..!!

anonym - about: 5164697546

Called my sister and want to make sure she is safe, calls between 4 and 5 am every night

anonym - about: 17739367364

The voice message sounds like a bunch of clicking noises.

anonym - about: 07%2055143374

Keeps ringing won't answer.

anonym - about: 01544734998

answerphone picked up before I got to phone. No message left

anonym - about: 01279%20934544

Company called Media Match offering PPI claim service. Said they were going to send out claim form and wanted to confirm address. I asked what was I claiming for? They said 'money back on my bank account'. I asked why would I get money back? She said for loans etc. I explained that I have never taken out loans, she then mentioned mortgage. I said I am renting, she hung up! I do try to keep them on as long as possible - it's their phone bill...

anonym - about: 01207552162

pain in the butt caller !! con artist trying to get your give bank cards details and the 3 digit pin on back of card, played along with them giving fake numbers to a bank card when they noticed it did not work hung up on me !!

anonym - about: 7076846163

Colette Hanns

anonym - about: 01895845420

An Uxbridge number. When I called back there was a recorded message saying Joanna was not available.

anonym - about: 2064873003

Automated telephone call from the U.S. Treasury Department claiming my name was used in fraud case; asked me to call back. Clearly a scam.

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