Who called from this phone number: 2108754128 ?

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anonym - about: 7709737809 2018-09-08 18:22:22


anonym - about: 8444584203 2018-09-08 18:22:22

Claims to be from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) demanding either I or My lawyer call back or legal action is immanent. This is a SCAM that has been going on for some time. DO NO CALL BACK !!!

anonym - about: +911130917373 2018-09-08 18:22:22


anonym - about: 01619747298 2018-09-08 18:22:22

Phishing/pension scam. Was keen to fish personal information. Offered an annual pension review as "recommended by the government". I don't think so matey.

anonym - about: (704)%204739217 2018-09-08 18:22:22

I guess I used to have this person in my contacts. But they won't tell me who they are.

anonym - about: 9782188453 2018-09-08 18:22:22

Long delay between when I answer and when they start speaking. Female voice says I've won something blah blah blah blah... Recommending blocking them!

anonym - about: 5704019523 2018-09-08 18:22:22

Called. Didn’t leave a message. Said “United States” when I looked at. Pretty broad area.

anonym - about: 4699147211 2018-09-08 18:22:22

They have called numerous times, always silence. I tried to call back and got "Sorry, this is not a working number".

anonym - about: 01617110854 2018-09-08 18:22:22

Company called ACM rang from 0161 711 0854 who are apparently doing after care for the Co-operative after an accident I've had (which I have had - he had the correct date). Told him I don't take cold callers, so he said "in that case you can stay up on your high horse and we'll get the compensation you were going to get" then hung up faster than I can breathe! Reported them to the Co-Op insurance, the Ombudsman and anyone else I can think of!! :O

anonym - about: 074495426022 2018-09-08 18:22:22

keeps calling when ring back say this number cant accept your call, anyone know who it is please ?


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