Who called from this phone number: 2083620600 ?

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anonym - about: 4696464477

Caller ID said Dallas, TX. and number. As I am without a doubt sure it is just a physhing call. When you answer you go into a list of numbers that have been confirmed as a working number. They sell these lists. Don't call them back, don't answer them. If it's someone you know and they really need you they will find a way to call or get in touch. You answer you will be getting more of the same, from many other numbers. Just leave it alone. I am logged into my phone system on my laptop and soon as I'm gone from here the calling number is going to be blocked, forever.

anonym - about: 02030952802

Recording message saying i have a lawsuit against me from hmrc and that i needed to press 1 to speak to a case officer. Scam

anonym - about: 8516859996

8516859996 mobile no. This person is abusing. And creating many problems by calling and abusing

anonym - about: 01903201180

called me abput a lisa brown said she didnt live here didnt know her he said your lisa brown, her mother her daughter asked my name declined sai i lived in ml4 i dont then he hung up really cheeky foreign gent

anonym - about: 80088712323

Don't know this number, very uncertain no family or friends with this number.

anonym - about: (530)8099489

Scam artist. He called the business stating he was from smud. He gave me a (800) number to call. The guy was rude and was persistent on getting a past due amount that's not even true. Be careful.

anonym - about: 01202026073

Fed up with number keeps calling

anonym - about: 6128864847

They call, when I answer, dead air. Keeps happening.

anonym - about: 5265632283

this number called my 87 year old mother. a lady was screaming in the background. they said they would hurt the lady unless my mother sent them money........ police were notified

anonym - about: 01207%20552162

Answered this call today 29.11.16 at 12.30pm. I said hello but no rely, then got a beep with an automated voice so I just hung up.

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