This phone belongs to the Cedar Lane Pet Ctr company, based in 07666-1708 Teaneck, 437 Cedar Ln

Who called from this phone number: 2018369206 ?

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anonym - about: 9490090308

Spoofed Robo call to Scam: 'Indo/Pak accented' person citing computer errors detected. Their inability to answer unprepared and unscripted questions causes them to hang up.

anonym - about: 353539108079

Had a call from this no & a similar no a week ago ( 353539108117 ) My belief is that they expect you to ring back & that's when it hits you in the wallet.

anonym - about: 9013784645


anonym - about: 17606215687

Lending Tree telemarketer. Originally I didn't answer the unknown caller, but curiosity got the better of me and when I called the gentleman hung up on me THREE TIMES. I called back immediately ea time until I got someone named "Rosie?"(not sure of her name) who would finally tell me who they were. Told her that I was on the National Do Not Call List and that they weren't supposed to be calling me, and she said: "Actually, we can. You showed some interest in some property online and we can.." I asked her to please remove me from their call lists and she HUNG UP ON ME TOO!! Absolutely disgusting event in my day. Lending Tree?? Really??? Must be a California thing to be rude and bullying to customers. Number blocked and this will be the fifth of ten websites I will post this exact same explanation.

anonym - about: 02032895586

A phone call saying that her majesty revenue and customs are filing a lawsuit against you please press 1 to speak to your Cass officer

anonym - about: 7573109668


anonym - about: 8146582383

Started as an automated call about lowering credit card interest. I pressed one for a person & said I was on the do not call registry, a man with a thick accent (possibly from Pakistan?) said he wouldn't call again if I paid $500. I said, "Oh, so this is a scam? I'll just block the number then." and hung up.

anonym - about: 02037695677

Received a phone call today from three different tel. Nos. After I answered the call they were on line, but said nothing. Calls were received from following numbers 0207 043 3775; 0203 769 5655 and 0203 769 5677

anonym - about: 0034609190548

Several silent calls in one day.

anonym - about: 7702247580

called and ask for me by name and then hung up

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