This phone belongs to the Jersey City Florist company, based in 07307-3012 Jersey City, 285 Central Ave

Who called from this phone number: 2016533600 ?

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anonym - about: 17703755775

Prank called me and just making sure I'm not assuming who this person is before things get started

anonym - about: 604756712

Dzwonią i nikt i mówią,że wygrałeś coś tam i masz wysłać smsa ,wysyłając go 1 SMS kosztuje 30

anonym - about: 2014030917

Calls constantly but no one on the other end when you answer. I kept waiting and saying hello after the last call for several minutes but never an answer or message

anonym - about: 001979194727

Rings, you answer and they dont say anything yet you can hear breathing in the background.

anonym - about: 02032072327

This number appears on a D/D at my bank that was set up without my permission very dangerous

anonym - about: 5128005288

Doesn't normally call people but when she does, half the time she's typed in the number wrong. Just say "Sorry, wrong number." Thanks

anonym - about: 0405960463

Rang me

anonym - about: 7024971819


anonym - about: 6317562400

this was first the number of hd audio and video but now they say its not that company.

anonym - about: +260953543145

Why he/ she called me from 10 to 20 times ? If i don't know him / her

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