Who called from this phone number: 1914667171 ?

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anonym - about: 0133544213

Female with Asian accent said she was from talk talk and a virus had gone onto my computer and I needed to log on so they could remove it. I said I don't think so nice try and she hung up

anonym - about: 4064042574

Online yard sale buyer/scammer looking to rip you off.

anonym - about: 423109273

sal ruvalcaba

anonym - about: 2484584349

They called again in the afternoon. I didn't answer, and the robocall went to the answering machine. It's a political call to NOT vote for a local candidate.

anonym - about: 4103243913

Someone texted me from this number and won't say who it is

anonym - about: 07931707574

Numbet appeared on my bfs phone they won't tell me who they are

anonym - about: 017456894266

Rings every day, when we answer it just hang's up

anonym - about: 6626416162

Fraudulent: Phishing for credit card info

anonym - about: 03057791275

This num is continually calling me and distrubing me!

anonym - about: 07470817785

Been calling me for months when I pick up I hear nothing but a tapping

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