Who called from this phone number: 19054561303 ?

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anonym - about: 07598950165

called my landline today saying he had spoken to me a few days ago - not true - requested he delete number from their database - why would they be using a mobile number if they are a business

anonym - about: 700046032

Charged twice for this number on my ee billing don't know who it is

anonym - about: 5027249695

Sent email referencing this phone # and said he name was Sadie Allen.

anonym - about: 8317509469

Trying to find name of person or business with num er 831-750-9469

anonym - about: 07711469549

Need to know who has just phoned me...not able to phone them back

anonym - about: 2134777808

This number calls, hangs up. No message to identify themselves

anonym - about: 002002801686

veronica said she was from bt problem with router,change my password + tell her new password,as if i would,HACKERS

anonym - about: 07922777236

this man has phoned me twice, and both times he has asked me if I own pigeons because he has found one with my number on it's ring, but this was a few weeks apart so as I don't own pigeons there is something strange going on he claims to be from Liverpool.

anonym - about: 7579422630

Calls and says: Are you there? Does this about once a week.

anonym - about: 7856303226

I'm a breathing person that has eyes and a mouth pretty cool right I know

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