Who called from this phone number: 17057164812 ?

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anonym - about: 3376551010


anonym - about: 7739746033

Spammer selling out of warrantee auto insurance. Seeks credit and personal information.

anonym - about: 884697050000


anonym - about: 7043341010

They call once a week and ask for Brianna. I have told them several times this isn't her number and asked to be put on a do not call list. They continue to call once per week. Been 3 'months so far.

anonym - about: 02037941409

had several missed calls

anonym - about: 0148267687600

Has called a number of times recently. Always hangs up when answer machine picks up. Think it is probably a scammer.

anonym - about: 9803078575

Scam!!!! They say they are from Microsoft and your computer has a virus. They want to lock your computer and then they extort money to unlock it. They are actually calling from India. Watch out!,

anonym - about: 02036342485

Call Centre number Had a call from a female asking questions about any accidents or damage to my car in the last few years. Don't know how she knew my full name, but when I asked her for more info on what exactly it is about, she ended the call ! Beware. Don't give out any information if it doesn't seem right !

anonym - about: 3472464409

They asked about insurance with insurer. I asked them how they obtained my number? They hung up on me.

anonym - about: 01301354995

Answered call from this number only to find no-one on the other end. Suspect that it is an automated service ringing many numbers. Most annoying!

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