Who called from this phone number: 15483885406 ?

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anonym - about: 8589642329

Very rude and tries to sell you stuff and hangs up on you when you dont buy their stuff even when you stay really polite

anonym - about: +41799770442%20

I need to know who keeps calling me as don't know anyone residing in this country

anonym - about: 3146523352

Just want to know who's calling my phone.

anonym - about: (901)%205355766

This number called me and asked me if I wanted to do an online job for his insurance company. We talked for about half an hour and he sounded legit, he sent me a check of $1685 and asked me to deposit in my bank account and to money order this amount to his client. I did. But today I got to know that the check he had sent me had no amount in the bank account. I am scammed 1500$. I am depressed. I am an international student and I have no penny left now, can someone help me?

anonym - about: 9105510724

Just texted me "hey beautiful" might be the cute guy or the ugly guy or a family member. Help.

anonym - about: 01792735986

...Caller hung up before answer machine finished message...

anonym - about: 07746413201

Caller hung up when phone was answered

anonym - about: 0018583409831

asked if I was Mrs xxxxxxxx when I said yes hehung uo no appology no indication as to what he wanted

anonym - about: 01382662398

Just another silent call ... a typical "nobody spoke" type of call when I answered!

anonym - about: 2024124172

Called and said they were from the Treasury Dept. and that I was one of a few selected individuals to receive a $7000 grant. I asked for a name and she told me Lori Smith, but she would not give me a phone number. Then she got really upset and said if I did not want the money to just hang up the phone. I persisted in asking for a phone number and she hung up on me.

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