Who called from this phone number: 1441171706051 ?

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anonym - about: 12892715939

Texted me when I asked who is this they said guess and never responded

anonym - about: 5092040317

Online yard sale/buyer scammer looking to rip you off.

anonym - about: 07711469549

Need to know who has just phoned me...not able to phone them back

anonym - about: 3312128124

None English speaking asses!! Can't understand them so they keep calling back even after u tell them not to

anonym - about: +639081292605

text me something stupid

anonym - about: 07713%20124709

safe, missed it, tried to call back only to hear "number not recognised"

anonym - about: 00137956637

Calls every morning.... cannot seem to block it

anonym - about: 9490090308

Spoofed Robo call to Scam: 'Indo/Pak accented' person citing computer errors detected. Their inability to answer unprepared and unscripted questions causes them to hang up.

anonym - about: 9085339570

this number called me 4 times today, and 4 times yesterday.... when you call it back, you get an offer to be added to the do not call list. I'd like to find these companies... I'm old and pissed....

anonym - about: 001585671157

This caller has been calling me everyday since 29-09-2016 here in the UK claiming to be from Talk Talk telling me l have problems with their Router.This is impossible as l changed my IP a year ago.Have traced this number to USA.This must be a scam and legal action should be taken against them

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