Who called from this phone number: 1323844500 ?

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anonym - about: 7812063387 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Missed call when I try to call back it's busy

anonym - about: 01782930325 2019-01-22 04:45:19

01782 930325 Some scamming company called Media max or Media Match

anonym - about: 01743839623 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Called And I Picked Up, Then They Said Some (Scrambled Hard To Hear Words) Sounded Very Busy? I'm Still Not Quite Sure Who It Was.

anonym - about: 0016075550187 2019-01-22 04:45:19

nobody spoke when i answered

anonym - about: 01619336615 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Calls a few times but I have never answered- wondering who it is

anonym - about: 3476762769 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Robo call about claiming a listing. Called every day, finally had to block number.

anonym - about: 0121318227 2019-01-22 04:45:19

phoned today on landline who is it?

anonym - about: 01136564522 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Some really rude foreign person on line saying my email address had been authorised for PPI, when I said I wasn't interested he started to raise his voice at me, I told him not to talk to me like that and his reply was f##k off and hung up. NOT VERY HAPPY!!!!!

anonym - about: 8287141226 2019-01-22 04:45:19

Keeps calling and not leaving messages there's a 71 410

anonym - about: 254725975837 2019-01-22 04:45:19

An odd 12 digit number that has called me 2-4 times for the past 3 weeks. Could be foreign scammer, but the 254 area code is from Texas. I don't know, but who ever it is, I would block it.


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