Who called from this phone number: 12897272006 ?

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anonym - about: +260953543166

I've been called at least 6 times from this number and when I answered it once all I hear is a conversation in Malayalam in a very soft voice. The two talkers sounds like a mother and a teenage daughter. They never answered my query of who they were. I lost Rs.40.

anonym - about: 9376840878

I need to remember whose contact this is to program it

anonym - about: 0016075550187

nobody spoke when i answered

anonym - about: 0014065498447

Call received at 10.58 15/11/16. Asked if I was the account holder said he was calling from Talktalk and he needed to check my internet connection as there had been faults reported in my area and asked if I was near my computer. I shouted down the phone... f off and that he was a scamming so & so. he hung up immediately . Reported this to Talktalk and had this number barred.

anonym - about: 07943946593

Said they had phoned me last year. They were a call nuiscemce service and wanted my card number to pay balance of a supposedly payment I paid last year and this was the balance, said if I did not pay I would be liable for late payment charges.

anonym - about: 4168782800

I do not have this number in my contacts

anonym - about: 8622703082

They left an 8 second voice mail with nothing but hissing and an undistinguishable word said at the end..?

anonym - about: 002392354444

Phoned me 9 times on the trot getting more abusive every time This has happened 3 days running from very early in the morning

anonym - about: 4064042574

Online yard sale buyer/scammer looking to rip you off.

anonym - about: 01157680463

Continue to call and you can not return call to them

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