Who called from this phone number: 12892715939 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Texted me when I asked who is this they said guess and never responded

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anonym - about: 07906454683

It keeps on ringing me and when I return the call, it sounds as if it is out of service

anonym - about: 02037843773

multiple calls every day, even after being told the person theyre asking for does not live here

anonym - about: 01727389292

5 Jan 2017: it just kept ringing, and no one talk upon answering.

anonym - about: 0796793824

This number has been calling me yet I don't know the owner.

anonym - about: 01647501284

No idea who the caller was as they refused to identify themselves. became aggressive when I asked them to idenify themself

anonym - about: 0427400483

i don't know if it is my step mums new number but they constantly keep calling

anonym - about: 01618149333

Keeps ringing, then don't speak!!! Ignorant Mancunians!!!!!

anonym - about: 0204856329

Asking regarding accident. When I informed him I have never had one started making sexually explicit comments and telling me he loved me.

anonym - about: 1864210-0428

IRS Scam!! Claims Legal action is being taken against you. IRS would contact you by mail if action is being taken against you.

anonym - about: +61412687078

Pretty sure it's a friend who's number i accidentally deleted

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