Who called from this phone number: 12129319913 ?

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anonym - about: +441614136512

Missed call unknown uk number

anonym - about: 01915815921

find out who this number belongs to

anonym - about: 9678360152

Whose phone number?... I don't know... they disturbed me...

anonym - about: +25281002178

just had a missed call around 4 in the morning

anonym - about: 02036300338

company called windows technical department, (hear call center people in background) asks you to call back on this number....won't revel what they want......phones 6 times yesterday

anonym - about: 5185958998

I am on a do not call list, but this number keeps calling me.

anonym - about: 2652369871

Called 4 times in 90 minutes, starting at 8:12 am. Due to "unavailable" and just a number on caller ID, I did not answer. Upon investigation here and using my phone app (HIYA) I discovered that it is the 'virus on your computer' scam. Since I have a service that allows various ways to block, they are now going to receive the This number has been disconnected or no longer in service message.

anonym - about: 5614726415


anonym - about: 4173130490

Called stating they are the IRS, final attempt to reach me. If I do not respond, either by contacting the local IRS office or calling the number back, they will file suit against me. This is a fraud, not the IRS.

anonym - about: 01612234545

Told my ISP had been compromised and they needed to take over my computer. When I said I didn't have a computer she put the phone down.

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