Who called from this phone number: 0825648142 ?

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anonym - about: 07770998866

I answered my phone and was told I had had a loan from 2005-2009 and I said " No I didn't you are a liar", the person on the other told me to "Fuck right off". I can't believe it. That is harassment I am disgusted.

anonym - about: 0238551115

Prank Calling me every night

anonym - about: 201%202851821

Says "Last chance to get reduced credit card rate" but no previous contact...suspect scam.

anonym - about: 0014065498447

talk talk lost our info, now getting calls from 0014065498447 trying to get team view on my computer, its a scam

anonym - about: 3107039468

Receiving txt messages from this number. I don't know who they are

anonym - about: 0016466478754

calling me everyday then when i answer it close

anonym - about: 2517444110

Sent a selfie to this number mistakenly

anonym - about: 070319%2083789

Fraudster is requesting quotations with the intention to order goods using the e-mail addresses, and You are strongly advised as follows: • Do NOT process any documents, particularly requests for quotes or invoices containing the addresses and or any similar suspicious e-mails; • Only accept Purchase Orders for goods, service and works requirements via the University’s e-Procurement system; and • Forward all communications regarding the above or any other scam to the Metropolitan Police Action Fraud squad; • Forward this e-mail to your trade association or Chamber of Commerce requesting that they inform their members of the fraudulent practice.

anonym - about: 7801112233 Juan Ramon Merejildo 8540 NW 66Th Street Aeropaq Aeropaq Courier Office AP-5661 Miami, Miami Florida 33195-2698 Dominican Republic

anonym - about: 0862637773


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