Who called from this phone number: 07940390295 ?

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anonym - about: +44%202088756433

called recently and hung up

anonym - about: 7157959591

credit card "no problem with your account" spammers. Filling by block list back up.

anonym - about: 254725975837

An odd 12 digit number that has called me 2-4 times for the past 3 weeks. Could be foreign scammer, but the 254 area code is from Texas. I don't know, but who ever it is, I would block it.

anonym - about: 843%20456%208372

mary brown

anonym - about: 01613549040

Leaves no answer several times a day

anonym - about: 6128864847

They call, when I answer, dead air. Keeps happening.

anonym - about: 01513293212

i did not respond to this number

anonym - about: 6469374142

Number has called me and the person has been pretending to be somebody else.

anonym - about: 017823368282

They are checking when you are at home so the collection agency can phone you.

anonym - about: 0435306516

This number was added to my face book account. Yet it is not my phone number. I did not do this. Weirdos out n about again? It's not full moon yet, or is it?

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